Dreadlocks Culture

Dreadlocks Culture

The dreadlocks culture embodies our quest for life, dreadlocks represent freedom and in the African dreadlock culture, dreadlocks symbolise the god of freedom, the personification of the god of liberty.

Deep down, we love freedom, the pursuit of freedom, uninhibited and free, representing our attitude to life, Dreadlocks stands for freedom, enthusiasm, wildness, passion, spontaneity and more, a release from our innermost being.


Dreadlocks are a culture, a social phenomenon created by people. There is a wide range of groups who enjoy Dreadlocks culture; from street dance, rap, skateboarding, tattooing, sports, acting, art and free culture enthusiasts.

The culture of dreadlocks has become so widespread that there is no age limit, no country limit, just likes and dislikes!

RichMan Tycoon All characters are dreadlocks.Let's bring dirty dreadlock culture to the blockchain. Let's get nft trending. 

Each character has been carefully designed by us. It's not just the character's hair that is dirty braided. Each character has its own trendy element



The AveBaby collection has only 122 nft pieces, 100 of which are customised 2022 Year of the Tiger commemorative editions.
AveBaby is a series of character scene images with metaverse attributes, which can be brought into metaverse scenes to play, games, and Ave's skin themes in the future
AveBaby is a commemorative NFT work for the Year of the Tiger jointly launched by and Richman Tycoon, and it is also the first NFT work of the two companies. .